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Sara battery LED light is made of solid coloured wax, with a beatiful
rustic surface. The LED Light is 7,5 cm in diameter, and is 10 cm high.
The candle is battery operated and have a built-in timer function. The
Sirius candle will turn off automaticly after either 4 or 8 hours, (if
you don´t turn them off your self). After either 20 or 16 hours, the
candle will turn on again, and so it continues, if you do not use “off”
button. The bulb gives a warm natural light. Batteries are not included.
3 AAA batteries goes into the bottom of the candle.

Product ID: 82410

Light source: LED bulb

Height: 10 cm

Number of lights: 1

Power source: 3xAAA batteries

Colour: Gold

Diameter: 7,5 cm

Volume: 0.002109m3

Weight: 0.43kg

SKU: DF2122

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