Lego Duplo Alphabet Truck


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With the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck, preschoolers can combine creative
building, imaginative play and learning the alphabet. It’s the ultimate
playful learning toy for toddlers! Kids’ alphabet learning toy Toddlers
improve their fine motor skills as they stack the letter bricks onto the
back of the truck. When they role-play imaginative adventures with the
boy, girl and bear, they develop their visual-spatial awareness. The 26
letter bricks provide lots of opportunities to become familiar with the
letters of the alphabet and improve language skills. And as parents and
carers join in the fun, they share precious developmental milestones
with their little builder. Irresistible educational building toys for
toddlers LEGO DUPLO playsets put open-ended play, self-expression and
learning into toddlers' hands. They're designed to be the best toys for
preschoolers' needs – so little hands can't wait to get hold of the
toddler-friendly bricks and start building!

Introduce toddlers to their ABC with this alphabet bricks learning toy.
This versatile gift for kids inspires creative building, imaginative
play and alphabet learning – all in one truck full of imaginative fun!

As well as loading and unloading the truck with 26 toddler-friendly
bricks – displaying all the letters of the English alphabet – a boy,
girl and adorable teddy bear are here to share imaginative role-play

Toddlers improve their fine motor skills as they stack letterbricks onto
the truck. As they do that, they become familiar with the letters of the
alphabet and soon learn to spell basic words (F-U-N!).

With its cute characters and colorful, easy-to-handle bricks, this
educational toddlers’ toy makes a great Christmas, birthday or
any-other-day gift for boys and girls aged 18 months and up.

The truck measures over 4” (12cm) high and 2” (7cm) long, providing an
A-to-Z of playful learning on a generous scale. Combine with other LEGO®
DUPLO® sets for even more fun.

You don’t need batteries to fuel the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck – just
kids’ imaginations. Hands-on, battery-free toys put creative play into
kids’ hands, developing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

Open the playset’s box and the building, playing and learning begins
immediately. Simple instructions for parents and toddlers provide ideas
and inspiration for instant enjoyment.

Introduce preschoolers to learning with open-ended creative play that
inspires youngminds. With familiar scenes, fun characters and
easy-to-handle pieces, LEGO® DUPLO® playsets are ideal developmental
toys for toddlers.

LEGO® DUPLO® playsets meet the highest industry standards, which ensures
they are easy for little fingers to pick up, place and pull apart – it's
been that way since 1969.

At the LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, bite, bend, scratch and
stretch LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and pieces to make sure every building set
meets the highest global safety and quality standards.

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