Calm 50 Mindfulness Exercises


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Author: Unger, Arlene Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781845436391 B-Code:

Pages: 160 Dimensions: 165x135mm

Everyone wants to feel calm and happy, but few of us manage it. The
truth is that we are just not equipped for the twenty-first century – it
is too fast, too crowded, too 24/7. And the more stressed we become, the
harder it is to find the quiet oases that are essential to our wellbeing.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Here is the antidote to the clamour and
strain of everyday living, a means of breaking the vicious cycle of
stress. It is a book of mindfulness exercises – instant and effective
ways to slow down and find some serenity – wherever you are and whatever
you are doing. This beautiful but practical title draws on a wide range
of psychological techniques, including mindfulness, cognitive
behavioural therapy and emotional brain training – all of them proven to

The perfect size to keep in a handbag of pocket, this book has been
designed as a tool to keep close by, and to turn to at any point in a
busy day. So, open it up and find some inner calm in a noisy world.

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