Boxer Poop N Scoop Game


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Need to get that constipated look off your guests face? Play till you
plop with this gruesomely hilarious family card game set! With three
games in one, this collection of 54 uniquely cute Poop Cards makes the
perfect party game for any occasion. These sloppily super games include
‘POOP!’, ‘GO SCOOP!’ And ‘SCOOP THE POOP!’, and bring hours of
entertainment to the table (and the loo). Perfect for games night,
there’s foul smelling fun for all the family! (Smells not included)
POOP!: Take it in turns to splash cards into a pile. When there’s a
matching two, shout POOP! GO SCOOP!: Collect poop cards from other
players to create sets. If they don’t have them, GO SCOOP! SCOOP THE
POOP!: Try to collect as many poop card sets as possible by scooping the
poop cards from the player on the left.

A gross and funny ‘3 in 1’ card game set, perfect for all the family!

Includes 54 hilarious poo themed cards.

Three super smelly games in one! (Poop!, Go Scoop! and Scoop The Poop!)

Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 4cm

SKU: BA5652

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