The Granite House Story

Built in the 1870’s The Granite House was originally a Temperance Hotel, which, if you don’t know meant it could only be frequented by those who were Teetotal ! Times have changed and we now welcome even the most regular boozers to come in and browse through The Greatest Gifts on Earth. After a long spell as The Rendezvous restaurant the current family owners took on The Granite House in 1977, and soon after expanded in every direction possible, extending upwards and outwards over the next 20 years. By 2003 The Granite House had become a major High Street employer and proved to be able to compete with the best in the country by winning The Best Gift Shop in Scotland award. High Street retailing has gone through a tough time recently, but The Granite House continues to thrive, offering superb gifts and service to locals and visitors to The Highlands and online via our Giftmonger Ebay shop.

Your favourite high street gift shop since 1977 ... gifts, toys, music and more ...

Ways to buy at the Granite House